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January 2017



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Jan. 20th, 2017

More Joy Day musings


'waves at all my peeps on my flist'

First off I have to say I didn't 'do' anything for More Joy Day - I didn't manip, vid or finish the fic I'm working on. 

BUT I got a lot of joy today and in these first weeks of 2017 already. There's also already worries and angst, but I won't go into that today so let's go for the JOY!

What makes me HAPPY about today is:

-it's my kid's birthday (she's turning 19 today and omg omg time FLIES)

-it's DeForest Kelley's birthday which I am still quietly celebrating each year with a lit candle and some special thoughts of my very first actor crush/love/worship. He's the one real McCoy, no one can ever replace him or even try to fill his shoes in the ST universe for me. 

-I got mail that the Quantum Mechanix 'Bones' McCoy figure I ordered will be out in Febuary! And this is the very first one and only action figure that ever did him justice because just like the Kirk and Spock from that series he is sculpted and painted wonderfully and all kinds of awesome. You can see pics of him here 

All of this makes me happy, but the most important, the most wonderful, the most awesome reason for me to be happy is - I AM WRITING. This hasn't happened in 2016, not a word, not a thing, the muse took a hike and by December I was sure it had left me for good or at least for a much longer time than I thought. 

I love to write. I MISS writing terribly when I can't. But usually whenever I don't write I at least manip. However, that didn't happen either. But then  - out of the blue - it was back. And the words, they are flowing out of my mind, through my fingertips, into the keyboard, onto my screen and I'll be forever grateful for that little miracle.

I love my fandom, I love Jack/Daniel - this has never changed and hopefully will never change. They are my go-to place, my happy sanctuary. I want to say thank you to each of you who has continued writing, manipping, posting here and elsewhere to keep the fandom alive and to keep us entertained with da boyz. I love other shows, other fandoms, other pairings... but SG-1 will always be my home turf.

And whatever will happen after today and in the future, I will try as hard as I can to keep my happy place, well, happy.

Hugs and Love,

Dec. 24th, 2016

Jack / Daniel Christmas Dollies

 Hi, it's meeee,

I know I haven't posted anything in a long time, but real life has been demanding and hectic and the muse has been absent for so long, I was scared I might have lost it forever. I haven't written a word this year until now... The muse is back, I am writing again and I can't even put into words how grateful I am! It's one of the most wonderful gifts this season has brought to me!

Also while my camera is not working properly,  I borrowed one from the hubby to take these pics of the fantastic little tree complete with decorations, lights and prezzies my wonderful friend [personal profile] tanis sent me. Also the string of xmas cards Jack and Daniel are holding in the firstt picture - so very darling! And the blue glittery advent wreath you can see on the mantle piece of the fire place also came from her!

The blanket over the couch with the Egyptian symbols is another prezzie I got, from [personal profile] ernutet 

I hope you all have  wonderful holidays! Stay safe and warm and joyful!

Hugs and Love,

Aug. 26th, 2016

Pic-Fic II: The Piano Lesson - Jack/Daniel - dolls

 I had FUUUUNNNN today and I got a new piece of furniture for Daniel... 

So here goes...

Title: The Piano Lesson
Artists: At the Piano - Doctor D. Jackson, photography by Anne, distracting the piano player - General Jack O'Neill    
Pairing: Jack/Daniel 12inch
Rating: Again, PG ... but going on adult... depends on how open minded you are... 
Warnings: None. Well, maybe... naked dolls are not as pretty as their real versions are

There is no text on these because, well, there is no text needed. But omg omg the piano ... it is the most wonderful thing. I got from Etsy and it comes from Belgium and is hand crafted (and yes, it was expensive, and no I'm not gonna tell how much... :P ) My excuse is... I have none. But I once did a manip with Daniel and Jack and a piano long ago and it always was a special one for me and when I saw the piano, I just HAD to...

Sadly some of these are not as crisp as they should have been. I don't have a camera atm and had to take my phone and sometimes it's not very good for taking dollie pics :(


Pic-Fic: Deflagging - Thread AU - Jack/Daniel PG - Doll action

 Once upon a time there was a plot bunny, born by a dear dear friend, which we named 'Deflagging'. I have finally given that bunny a home... I will not take responsibility for anything... don't eat and drink while viewing the pictures. Do not open at work. Or if you must, make sure you are alone. 

This is... proudly presented by Jack and Daniel Doll...

Title: Deflagging
Pairing: Jack/Daniel 12inch
Artist: Anne - based on an idea from long ago by Renenet
Rating: I'd say PG... there are no ... bits... but sort of nakedness 
Warnings: None... oh, wait, if you believe the US flag should never be used in deflagging scenes or striptease, then please do not open pictures. 
Archived: At my DW 
Artist Notes: Thank you to [Unknown LJ tag]  who sent me the flag, to [Unknown LJ tag]  for the idea, to Jack and Daniel for being them and to RDA and MS for making the flag-scene in Threads so utterly UST. Sadly I did not have a flag pole for Jack to hold onto in this little play, but he get something BETTER to hold onto :)

You should be able to click on them to make them big-ger!

Under here...Collapse )



Aug. 3rd, 2016

I'm still here and finally have something to post - Action Figure Jack in Dress Blues (and SGA Danie

 Hellooo... 'waves'

I know I've been absent from my DW a long time (at least from my own, I did comment here and there tho). Real life has been demanding in several ways (good and not so good) - but you all know what that's like, I guess, and can relate. 


A couple of weeks ago the wonderfully talented [personal profile] dieastra has created a Jack O'Neill dress blues figure for me and it turned out beautifully. You have to look at the details on his uniform, they are amazing and the whole figure turned out GREAT. Thank you, thank you, for taking the time and creating him for me. 

Here are a couple of piccies. I went and bought a new Daniel doll as well because no Jack of mine can be without a matching Daniel. It's not all that easy these days to find figures for a reasonable price and I had to order him in the USA and have him shipped to a dear friend who then sent him off to me. I wanted one in a suit, but there wasn't a suit-Daniel so I settled for a Daniel in blue BDU even though it's an SGA Daniel. But he came with an ZPM :)

So here are pics... one is PG (kissing men!)... the others are G-rated :)
Pretties under hereCollapse )

Hey, Astra, I sent these to you in an e-mail too - but I guess it has gotten lost again. I really wonder what's up with that. 

Hugs to all and I'm looking forward to reading all the posted ficathon stories soon!

Anne :)


May. 26th, 2016

Come, join the Jack/Daniel Fiacathon 2016!

The wonderful [personal profile] princessofgeeks is hosting this years Jack/Daniel Ficathon! While I have no time (and apparently no muse :( ) to commit to anything I'm delighted we do have another J/D ficathon! It gives me the warm feeling of hope that our fandom is still alive! Thank you everyone who is participating and offering their stories and artwork! I'll be reading for sure!  

This year's Jack/Daniel Ficathon is open for prompts through midnight USA Central Time on May 31.

[personal profile] sallymn created the lovely banner! The link is in there, when you click it, it will lead you to the J/D Ficathon community - have fun!

Apr. 19th, 2016

Legend Wallpapers and link

It's been a while since I posted anything at all. Today I capped an episode of Legend and thought I'd share some of the Legend wallpapers I did this year.

If anyone is interested - there are screencaps up for 9 episodes of Legend so far at nicodemus_noted
The caps are free to download. If the links have expired, please contact me and I'll give you new ones. Just take the time and credit us if you share these anywhere, thank you.
artwork under hereCollapse )

Mar. 10th, 2016

Armageddon Expo March 5-13, 2016 - RDA links of panels and other stuff

Hi Everyone!

I thought I share some goodies from the NZ conventions RDA did. I only watched one of the interviews (with Heather in the jeep and it was very cute) and haven't watched any of the panels etc, nor did I have time to try and download anything yet. Real life has been kicking my ass these two last weeks and there was very little time for any fandom stuff. Things are looking more hopeful and improving atm so I at least wanted to take the time to come out and share some of the links Kate Ritter collected over at rdanderson.com - for those of you who don't hang out there. If I manage to dl the panels at some point, I'll share with you too.

Hugs and have fun,

An Interview (article) from Stuff.co.nz




Story on TV3 - "When Heather Met MacGyver"


Armageddon Expo Manukau - Saturday Question & Answer Panel (with Christopher Judge, RDA and David Nykl)
and Sunday panel (RDA)



Feb. 10th, 2016

New Community: Nicodemus noted - All Legend!

With the recent release of legend on DVD, [personal profile] magnavox_23  and I (though she did all the work!) have created a comm for anything and everything Legend. </a></b></a>nicodemus_noted  is on Dreamwidth as well as Livejournal. Feel free to join in, first time viewer or seasoned fan, all are welcome. <3

There are already screencaps for the pilot "Birth of a Legend" and they are awesome!

Come, wander in, take a look around, say hi... have some tea (Legend style or real tea)! And if you happen to know other Legend or RDA fans who might be interested, please spread the word.

:) Anne

Feb. 2nd, 2016

NEW FIC: Like Father Like Son - Saving Hope Ficlet (I think)

I just found this when cleaning up my e-mails... and thought I'd post it here. It was a Halloween challange to write a spookey drabble - I didn't really master the 'drabble' part, but it's kinda spookey. It's set in future time and Luke is probably around three years or something like that.  

Like Father Like Son
by Annejackdanny
Saving Hope Ficlet (was supposed to be a drabble, but I can't do 'shorter' than this).
Rated G

Happy Endings were Charlie's favorite...Collapse )
The girl in the shiny prom dress gazed at him in wonder. “You found me?”
Charlie put his phone away and smiled. “Yep. Your body is at the hospital. You’re still unconscious, but no longer critical. Go, find your body, so you can wake up.”
Charlie had spotted her wandering the playground when he and Luke arrived there. The prom dress had seemed a bit odd, but it was Halloween morning, so he hadn’t paid much attention. Until she’d said that she’d ‘lost’ her body somehow and needed help.
She had insisted she wasn’t dead, just ‘lost’. Couldn’t remember a thing, aside from being drunk and running away from a party.
Charlie had helped; it’s what he did. He couldn’t fight this ‘gift’ so he’d learned to live with it. And she was a young girl with a striking resemblance to Disney’s Cinderella. How did you say ‘no’ to that?
He’d got lucky with his first call. Hope Zion had her. Zach confirmed a Jane Doe had been brought in this morning, unconscious. Probably knockout drugs in her drinks.
“Bye, Charlie.” She blew air kisses his way and - was gone.
Charlie grinned. “Someone is really happy.” It were moments like this when he was at peace with his ‘gift’.
Luke blew air kisses, too, then waved and said, “Bye, happy lady, byeeee!”
The grin died on Charlie’s face and he turned Luke around to look at him. “Buddy? Who was that you said goodbye to?”
“The happy lady. You found her bag, dada.”
“Ye-ah. Good for her, huh?” Charlie took Luke’s hand.
He couldn’t deal with this now, couldn’t even truly comprehend what it would be like for his baby boy having to grow up with the burden of this ‘gift’.
But at least there was no doubt left about who this little boy’s father was.
That was something.

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